Down again…

Eh ja, znani slovenski šlager gre : »Gate na glavo in dva svinčnika v nos, moj angel sreče je pač lačen in bos.« Moj je še moker, potolčen in krvav. Deževalo je že vse od štarta, čisto smo bili premočeni in prezebli, ko na okrepni postaji povozim bidon, preslabo sem držal balanco, ker sem hotel prijeti vrečo s hrano pa sem bil na tleh.  Zlomim balanco, menjam kolo, pritisnem za avtom, da bi čimprej polovil grupo, do prvega krožnega, ki ga nisem pričakoval, spolzko seveda, pa sem spet skotam po tleh preko celega krožnega, tokrat na drugo stran. V pol kilometra sem menjal dva kolesa.  Nimam veliko za povedat, na obeh straneh sem dodal nove brazgotine na seznam, računam na podporo jutri, drugače ne vem kak se bom privlekel do vrha!
Yeah, there is well known Slovenian song that goes : »My angel of luck is hungry and bare foot.« Well mine is beside that wet, bruised and bloody. It was raining from the first meter of the start, we were completely wet and frozen, when I came to the feed zone, hit the bidon on the floor, I didn’t hold the handlebars very firmly, reaching for a food bag and bam I am on the ground. I brake the handlebars, change the bike, then I push hard behind the car, trying to get back to the peloton ASAP, but didn’t expect roundabout so quickly and so slippery that I am on the floor again, this time on the other side. In 500m I changed 2 bikes. There is not much to say, on both sides of my body I added new scars on my list, I am counting on support tomorrow to get to the summit somehow…..


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  1. gys18 · May 19, 2016

    Come on Primoz keep pushing Kruijswijk is going to need you and perhaps you can pull something off again in the last week, if you recover from your injuries. Nevertheless what a incredible Giro are you racing, looks like we finally have a finisher within TLJ again and what a promising future is ahead of you. I’m a fan.
    Srečno Primoz!

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