In 2021, we had achieved an important goal. For a long time we have been thinking about how to contribute to the beautiful game of sport , so we decided to start a Foundation.

The Primož Roglič Foundation has been established with the aim of strengthening the development of cycling and helping young athletes. 

We will strive to follow the goals we have set – to support young athletes from socially weaker backgrounds, promote a healthy lifestyle, try to offer help within psychological field, and help with any kind of problems they might be up to. The Foundation will also raise funds for certain projects, which will be published on the website. We will strive to select and invest in sustainable projects from which the benefits will reach as wide as possible.

Funds are raised with partners and donors, at public auctions, via SMS messages and at special charity events. We firmly believe that together, with strong social bonds and proper investments we can make our world a better place.

It all started with calendars two years ago, those cliché New Year calendars that everyone has, you know? In the first year, in cooperation with the Red Cross in Zagorje, we brightened up the summer for as many as one hundred and sixty children with the yield from the sold calendars. In 2020, we added the proceeds from the calendar sale to the funds to start up the Foundation – so that we will be able to build a better future for many in a sustainable way, with a clearer vision. The third series of calendars for 2022 is already available in our shop. All of the collected funds will go to the Foundation.  

You can reach out to us at :

If you want to support our project and financially help young athletes, you can donate any amount on
the following bank account :
IBAN – SI56 0400 0027 6598 933, at NKBM d.d.