The Primož Roglič Foundation is a relatively young institution which was created to help the development of cycling and assistance to underage athletes. Despite certain limitations in the title, we try to make our influence reach as far as possible.


This year, we have already realized the following projects:

  • Aid to young Ukrainian cyclists who had to flee abroad due to war, the foundation allocated 5.000 euro for basic necessities;
  • Donation to the elementary school Šmartno pod Šmarno goro in the amount of 1.000 euro for children from socially disadvantaged families (school in nature);
  • Purchase of three bicycle travel cases worth 2.100 euro, which we lend to young cyclists who cannot afford them;
  • With a donation of 1.000 euro, we supported the national championship for younger athletes in BMX cycling in Maribor;
  • With a donation of sports equipment, we added a value to the 19th Summer National Games of the Special Olympics, which took place this year in Zagorje (as many as 321 athletes from the entire country participated).


This year’s biggest project was definitely the charity bike ride called “The Golden Lap”  250 cyclists rode the route, and with their presence, they expressed charity and strong sense for community – everything we collected will be donated to the Foundation.


Otherwise, the Foundation operates on an exclusively voluntary basis. Funds are collected through auctions, direct donations with bank transfer, SMS donations. The contribution is also recorded from the Primož Roglič Shop online store. The largest share comes from Primož itself. At the beginning of the year, the Shop sold calendars, and donated the proceeds worth several thousand euros to the Foundation. We also held a charity auction of a unique box with three Tissot watches. The winning amount exceeded 8 thousand euro.

We also held an extremely successful auction at the Golden Circle charity event. All this also contributes to the operation of the Foundation and supports the development of Slovenian sports.

We believe that sport is the force of our lives with which we can represent a healthy and balanced lifestyle based on the values,​​ embodied by the name of the champion in the Foundation’s title. We are looking forward to the brighter future which we can help to create.

You can reach out to us at :

If you want to support our project and financially help young athletes, you can donate any amount on
the following bank account :
IBAN – SI56 0400 0027 6598 933, at NKBM d.d.