Training camp on Tenerife

Sunny Saturday morning and an online conference where Primož “met” with Slovenian journalists. He was in a pleasant mood from the island of Tenerife, where he is preparing for the start of the season. More about the conference can be found below.


The Golden Lap

“The Golden Lap was our first big event that we organized. It was great, an incredible number of people. We collected a huge amount of funds, which went to buy bicycles, helmets, which will later be distributed among the children. It has been confirmed, that the Golden Lap will be repeated. We will also collect money for children this year,” Primož spoke about the previous Golden Lap, which will be upgraded this year as part of the foundation.

How is your shoulder after operation ?

Tenerife is the first real preparation for this season for me. I am satisfied. I have no problem with my shoulder. It works as it should. Everything is good. All trainings are successful, I am healthy. We are building towards May, when the Giro awaits us.


Primož will not race between the Spanish Catalunya and the Giro. How come?

For me, the current preparations in Tenerife are the first real preparations, a more extensive training camp before the very start of the season. After Catalunya, I plan to resume a longer training camp, which is part of the preparations for the Giro. There are several reasons why we didn’t decide to race. Maybe because it wouldn’t make sense. Because it doesn’t come together with the dates as you would like. Before the Giro itself, there will be only Catalunya.

As many as three time trials await you at the Giro. The finish at Višarje will be special.

Time trials are one of the deciding factors. The number of kilometers in it is high. For me, after the shoulder surgery, it was maybe a little more difficult to get back on the time trial bike because of the extreme positions on it. Now I do all the training normally. I will try to devote as much time to this as possible so that I can be as well prepared as possible.

What should happen to see Primož at the Giro and Tour this year?

We’ll see about that. Let’s say I go to the Giro, finish it, and then we’ll look ahead.


“Given the competition, you can’t make up your mind and go into a race 80 or 90 percent prepared and say you’re going to win that race. There’s a wide range of riders who specifically prepare for each race. As I think, it makes more sense, to be as prepared as possible where I will ride and do my best there.”

See you in Spain!

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