Primož Roglič collected 200 thousand euros for young athletes

This year, Primož found himself in the role of host of a charity evening, where last year he became an ambassador of the Leon Štukelj and Miro Cerar Foundation for supporting athletes and other talented students from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. This year, he handed over the “charity ball” to his new godfather, Goran Dragić, who thus became the ambassador for 2024. On his behalf, the young basketball player Urh took over the charity ball in the hall of the Union Hotel in Ljubljana.

“We were all children once, and that’s exactly what we want to achieve. Giving children the opportunity to discover something new through play, through sport, is really a great pleasure for me to have the honor of being able to do such things. “

The 12 different sports props that Primož donated for the charity auction raised a total of 200,180 euros for scholarships for young athletes.


As in previous years, the charity calendar for 2024 was also released on this date, which you can view and support young sports talents by ordering at the link: HERE

Foto: www.alesfevzer.com